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FSTA - Resources for Librarians

A hub of resources to help build awareness, drive usage, and provide training for the FSTA database..

What's in FSTA?

In addition to the core areas of food science, food technology and nutrition, FSTA includes relevant content across a host of related fields, including:


In the list above, click on the subjects highlighted in bold for an in-depth look at our coverage of that field. We are adding to this regularly over the coming months, so do check back or email us to ask about a particular field.

Our selection processes and quality checks ensure every record in FSTA is relevant to food, enabling you to search for information efficiently and effectively across disciplines. With abstracts dating back to 1969 and updated with approximately 2,200 new records each week, FSTA enables you to discover both the latest and historical research you need. 

Wheel Chart of interdisciplinary coverage in FSTA

Explore the multidisciplinary nature of food and beverage research, including areas within Health, Nutrition, Food Science, Environment and more. Click on the image to open a larger version.