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FSTA - User Training and Help

A hub of resources to help researchers and students to search as effectively as possible and get the best results out of FSTA.

Get the best out of FSTA on Web of Science

We offer a variety of free training materials, including videos, downloadable documents, and regular webinars, in order to help users search as effectively as possible. Take a look below to find a range of information on how to get the most out of FSTA on the Web of Science platform.

These resources are designed for anyone using FSTA to study or research, and for anyone supporting this research. In particular, we hope that these materials will be especially useful for those providing training and support to library users. You can even add these resources to your own training materials, website, or subject guides.


Visit our channel on Youtube for a playlist of videos dedicated to how to use FSTA on Web of Science.


FSTA tutorial videos for Web of Science - Youtube

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View and download our guides:

Web of Science also provide their own FSTA search guide.


FSTA User Guide - Web of Science   FSTA on Web of Science user guide