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Good review practice: a researcher guide to systematic review methodology in the sciences of food and health

Screening Tools

Screening Tools 


This subscription-based tool provides a collaborative platform for every stage of literature review management. The framework is flexible and can accommodate literature reviews of different sizes. It is configurable to different data curation procedures, workflows and reporting standards. The platform integrates necessary features for screening, quality assessment, data extraction and reporting. The software uses Artificial Learning (AL)-enabled technologies in priority screening. The software does not support statistical analyses. It provides configurable forms in standard formats for data extraction. DistillerSR is used in various medical disciplines, surveillance, pharmacovigilance and publichealth reviews including food and nutrition topics.


A free abstract screening software, designed to help researchers with the screening step of literature search.


A free web-based application developed to help researchers in conducting systematic review. It is used to screen and code literature through a systematic review process. Ryaan has a mobile app and is a popular tool for healthcare research.


A free online platform for conducting systematic review of literature. It is a machine-learning platform that uses natural language for data mining. It is used to screen and code literature but also offers help with protocol development and data management. It is developed by Science for People and Nature Partnership (SNAPP) Working Group on Evidence-Based Conservation in collaboration with Conservation International, Colombia.

You can find out more information about the tools available to carry out systematic reviews by reading this blog on the IFIS website.