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Ovid NutriHealth- User Training and Help

This guide is designed to provide support to first time users of our Ovid NutriHealth database


We offer drop in webinars and downloadable training materials to help users search as effectively as possible and get the best results out of our platforms.

We hope that these resources will also be useful for information professionals managing subject guides and providing training for library users.

About the Ovid NutriHealth platform

Ovid Nutrition and Health (NutriHealth) is a specialist resource developed to meet the information research needs of the medical nutrition community.

This interdisciplinary database explores the intricate relationship between diet and health, covering research fields ranging from clinical nutrition, nutrition therapy, pharmacology and medical sciences to public health and policy. It encompasses a wide array of topics such as the prevention and treatment of obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders and other noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) alongside research on allergies, immunology, the microbiome, mental health, cognition, and more.

Built using the world’s largest thesaurus of food and health sciences, Ovid NutriHealth is a carefully curated digital library of 520,000+ records that have been collated, summarized and indexed for efficient search and discovery. Updated weekly, it delivers the latest global developments in dietary sciences from publishers across 89 countries, bringing together content originally published in 41 languages.

Ovid NutriHealth has been expertly indexed by the team of food and data scientists at IFIS Publishing. Sources are thoroughly checked for relevance and screened for predatory content, ensuring a reliable repository of scientific research and other valuable information.

The database stands as a comprehensive and trustworthy tool for those engaged in the dynamic field of health and nutrition research.